Român în Europa, Ultimi emigranti, primii europeni

Iata de ce nu trebuie ignorata diaspora

Votul din diaspora este cheie pentru alegeri si referendumuri de tot soiul. Bunaoara Basescu’ victory. Astazi nebunia lui Erdogan. In ambele situatii se reclama iregularitati, se fac supozitii cu privire la manipularea populista a celor din afara tarii. Inca o data, ni se arata o fata periculoasa a ignorarii si sfidarii diasporei. #diaspora #elections #referendum #influence
„Overseas vote the key to margin of victory: The 4.6 million Turkish voters living in Western Europe (as estimated by the Turkish ministry of Foreign Affairs) have for more than a decade been assiduously cultivated by Erdoğan. They tend to be his strongest voting bloc, supporting his party by nearly a margin of two-to-one on average in regular elections. If that level of overseas support carried over into this referendum, it would have delivered Erdoğan a net gain of around 1.4 million votes. On a turnout of 86 percent, reported by broadcaster Haberturk, the final margin of victory is expected to be around 1.4 million votes.

Reacting to my calculation that all or virtually all of Erdoğan’s margin of victory is due to the vote advantage he gained from expats across Western Europe voting Yes — a Commission source agreed and predicted: “Host communities in Europe have a serious problem. This will not help integration and will be used by populists.”